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[22 Mar 2007|02:16pm]
i'm here?

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[18 Jan 2004|07:09pm]
there were good times to be had by all
on friday i threw a kickback at my house and passed out due to excessive drinking. I hadn't drank in a long time.
my room is a mess but fuck it. Went raving on saturday...left at like 7pm and came home like at 10am.
and believe me I was "rolling balls" (meaning i was fucked up on X)
I took my little brother and he liked it.
I met a lot of kick ass ppl. I met one of the oldest and best djs of all time. it was great....

i made soem mistakes this weekend and I don't know if I'll be able to correct them. God knows I'll try. I think I'll pull a disappearing act.

I randomly show to shows and raves. no more planning shit. it happens if it happens. I randomly be someone else. Life is gonna be different it needs to be...i see that now. I miss so many of you...even those who wish me harm or wish me bad kharma. Hopefully we can hang out on a joyous occation. cause that is the only time i see you all if at all. This journal has brought you much updates going from sad to really high or drunk. Its had its time. Now I gotta let it go. I gotta let a lot of things go. SO if I don't return your calls its not cause i don't want to talk to u its cause I'm thinking...how things should be for me to have what I want. So for "all" you ppl readin this...see you space cowboy.

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[17 Jan 2004|11:24am]
small kickback last night.
i remember nothing....
still feeling da booze
rraveing tonight
call me

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[15 Jan 2004|04:16pm]
work sucks
call me
I gots a car for the weekend
been listening to that song.

"every freaking night and every freaking day i wanna freaking freaking in every freaking way"
stuck in my head oi

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[13 Jan 2004|09:14pm]
i need a code
i wanna get rid of this old ass name
i am prolly on of last of my so called peeps to keep their first lj name
parents are out of town this weeekend
might be small kick back at my pad on friday
going raving on saturday
i am trying to get a bunch of ppl that don't rave or go to such shindigs to go with me
I wanna go with as many as i can
but fuck it if they don't want to
i really would like to be friends again with a lot of ppl
justin (the bob)
all of my old group
i wanna be everyones friend i don't hate on anyone
eh wateva
so i'm starting operation friendship soon
I think it will cost me a lot of everything
neways i'm off to enjoy my free minutes

"rude for life"
suck my peepee monique

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oi [12 Jan 2004|08:32pm]
i wanna write a good update\. but i left the turntables spinnign and i'm sure the needle is hitting flats
i need to update my likes and dislikes in my profile or wateva.
neways yea. i wanna make friends through lj so yea.
wanna be my friend?
call me if ya got my number if not
....um...fuck it 310 766 6186
i live in downey for ya biatches who is local to me

rude for life

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testing out the old webcam [08 Jan 2004|06:00pm]
[ mood | funky ]


bored after work. yes i was.

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Small update [07 Jan 2004|06:19pm]
[ mood | fuck it ]

I saw some checkered tings on the skamunity that I want.

there is also a fred perry two tone jacket i want.

So nothing new. I get bored too easily if anyone feels like kidnapping me or having me kidnap them in the middle night feel free to call.
i realize no one reads this except for skarisa and maybe tanya. Neways I have issues in my life, same as everyone, but I don't deal with them like before. I don't talk bout em like before. I'm not so much as depressed as before. I'm just bored. I've changed a lot I guess. I dress a bit different. Usually I dress very rudy especially when I goto work. um. SOme one call me so we can hang out. No strings attached.


Needed update [05 Jan 2004|08:24am]
[ mood | bleh ]

I don't remember the last update so fuck it. New years was the fucking shit and I have some pictures that need to go up. I also developed old navy pictures with my x-gf and my navy homies. I look at em and I was pretty buff back then. It was one point in my life when I was happy with the way my body looked.

SInce I am getting back into going to shows and those hardcore pits I think I'll start working out again. If you wanna know details bout New years please ask...good details. The days after new years included hanging out wit da homies and with visiting family. Got to smoke outta da bong and I haven't done that in a hella while so I was pretty gone. Came home hela fucked up.

On the 3rd I went to that bad ass "SMELVIS RECORDS" show at the allen. When "LEFT ALONE" played I sang along as I skanked. All my ska buddies went and I met lots of cool new ppl. I chugged the shit out of two forties and went in to the pits with a vengeance. I made out and groped with some girl I had met a show before. That was ok. I have some pics from the show, the rave, and the navy that will go up as soon as I can get a place to put em.

hmmm what else. I bought a SEX-BOX. It allows the uploading of music to it so I will put all my ska and punk shit. SPeaking of look for a good punk band called "CENSORED YOUTH". From arizona I think they told me. Great fucking lyrics. The way punk used to be...the way it should be.

I am still missing a bit of my past. I'm still single although I think I wasn't for about a week. Life is so odd.

I'm looking forward to a photo shoot with skarisa. I am gathering gear and what not so I can have multiple costumes...hehe. Hopefully it'll turn out aight. I'm still growing my hair out but it is bothersome. I don't know if I wanna go shaggy, dreads, almost bald, or bangs. We'll see. I'll pick a scene and let it drive me....just like everyone else.

SKARISA CALL ME. I called and they said u couldn't talk. You should come to my house and we'll do the shoot at my pad. Bring music so I can steal it from u. Neways I have to find A ride to work. Take care all.

TO girls of the future...fuck you all...to girls of the past...already did.

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DOn't wake me I planning on sleeping in... [31 Dec 2003|07:48am]
[ mood | no need for a mood anymore ]

for skarisa cause she likes this song

-The Postal Service
-Sleeping In

last week I had the strangest dream where
everything was exactly how it seemed
where there was never any mystery of who shot John F. Kennedy
it was just a man with something to prove
slightly bored and severly confused
he steadied his rifle with his target in the center
and became famous on that day in november

don't wake me I plan on sleeping in

again last night I had that strange dream
where everything was exactly how it seemed
no concerns about the world getting warmer
people thought that they were just being rewarded
for treating others as they'd like to be treated
for obeying stop signs and curing diseases
for mailing letters with the address of the sender
now we can swim any day in november

don't wake me I plan on sleeping in

the songs makes sense if ya look at it hard
it sounds real pretty though

So i am gatyhering my thoughts on scene and realize that its nothing special just a long running trend or watevr
TOnight I go raving...no new years resolution here just some goals
I am planning for the future.
Many great things, with buddha's help, will soon be happening.
I have a lot to say but nothing to everyone, just to specific ppl. If those ppl would come in contact with me itd be easier. jeesh
Neways I'm out like a coma patient


[28 Dec 2003|09:23pm]
I'm trying not to sound depressed, not to act depressed, not to be...
But hey if thats who and how I am then fuck it. I have my moments of hapiness, destruction, hatred, and those other good things in life...I find that sadness is my groove and what gives me my kick in life. I guess not knowing how life is gonna end up is what makes life worth living. "Only when we have lost everything is when we are free to do anything."

So I've been high lately. The plans for sunday didn't go as well as I thought but next time.

Plans for new years
31st from 6pm to 4am Jan 1st - raving at Together As One
where there will be many a drug to harden my heart more then it already is...maybe I'll die
2nd - Skafest at magic Mountain (so I hear)
3rd - Awesome gig at the allen

Saturday, January 3rd 2004
-Viernes 13
+ Very special guest T.B.A.
*$10.00 @ The Door

Bah Humbag to the holiday. THey weren't the best but they weren't the worst. I can't wait till I start driving. It'll all be so much better...and easier. Someone should call me. I am down for doing anything at whatever time. Boredom....

The Postal Service
Clark Gable

I was waiting for a cross-town in the
london underground when it struck me
that i've been waiting since birth to find a
love that would look and sound like a movie
so i changed my plans i rented a camera and
a van and then i called you
"i need you to pretend that we are in love
again." and you agreed to

i want so badly to believe that "there is truth,
that love is real"
and i want life in every word to the extent
that it's absurd

i greased the lens and framed the shot using
a friend as my stand-in
the script it called for rain but it was clear
that day so we faked it
the marker snapped and i yelled "quiet on
the set" and then called "action!"
and i kissed you in a style clark gable would
have admired (i thought it classic)

i want so badly to believe that "there is truth,
that love is real"
and i want life in every word to the extent
that it's absurd
i know you're wise beyond your years, but
do you ever get the fear
that your perfect verse is JUST A LIE YOU TELL

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[26 Dec 2003|08:05pm]
And even those who claim to care don't call.
I am so very bored.
so very lonely.
so very disapointed. meh fuck it. Sunday me and jimbo are gonna shroom it up. That should be very..."punk rock"...call me we'll do something

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Everyone is scene [26 Dec 2003|01:59pm]
Why is scene the scene? wtf is scene? I am so lost with this shat. someone feel free to explain what this shat is so I can talk crap about scenesters and beat them up at shows with good reason...:)

so christmas was pretty damn gay....as is every holiday that i participate in. Today is friday and I would like to go watch peter pan. I'm so bored and lonely a bit confused and my left fingers hurt. and and and. boredom over comes me mona me.

Songs to Sulk to:
1. Dashboard Confessional - Hands Down
2. Left alone - What am I to do(Broken Hearted song to some)
3. La Resistencia - No Puedo Olvidarte(I can't forget you)
4. Left Alone - One
5. Matchbook Romance - The Greatest Fall
6. Death By STereo - Unstoppable
7. Simple Plan - Perfect
8. The Stratford 4 - Called My Mom
9. My old friend Justin(The Bob) drunk and playing an acoustic
10.My old drunken, Pathetic, recordings

Songs to Rock Out to:
1. All songs by "The Retaliates"(one of the few punk bands I like)
2. La Resistencia - Carlos el Violador
3. Defied - No Way Out
4. All "Matamoska"
5. Against Me! - Scream it Until Your Coughing Up Blood(and all against me!)
6. 7. 8. 9. 10. SKa in General

bordom overcomes

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sadness skanks not to the madness [22 Dec 2003|08:19pm]
i've been looking into my past alot and realize how much i miss it. i miss my friends. i miss the good times. Even if they really weren't my friends i liked to be around them. I liked the atmosphere. the way things are now sucks. Yea I work. Someone loves me. but thats it. i'd give almost all of it back for it to be like it was.

I miss...(from the past)
riverbed parties
coming home drunk
trekking to "golf n stuff"
bum squats
late night treks to strange girls' house hehe(you know who u are)
being "punk rock"
so many things

we should be friends again

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Life isn't that bad [08 Dec 2003|07:24pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

This isn't gonna be much of an entry but it will be interesting.
Recap time

got tongue pierced
party a lot
bought creepers that very pretty (the ones on the side of my lj)
perfected my rudeboy attire
been working on my 80s/punk gear
almost perfected 80s/punk gear
according to many i look hot
parents went away for the weekend
threw a kickback
threw a big ass fucking party with about 60 ppl
DCS (punk crew) showed up and made me feel special
party went from 4pm to 4am
lots of booze seven bags worth of trash
made lots of friends
still working
good job going for me

I want to try and get in contact with those who still wanna be in contact so if ya want hit me up. I start driving the 17th plus I get my van real soon.
Planning road trip to mexico on new years. Good times to ya. Its hard to find happiness but when found its so damn lovable.

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never ever [17 Nov 2003|01:58pm]
[ mood | awake ]

"Last night as I lay dreaming,
The Strangest kind of feeling
Revealed a secret meaning
And now I know

I've never ever been to paradise
I've never ever seen no angel's eyes
No never ever let this legend die
No matter where you are, you are my

-Lucky Starr
-Dj Hixxy (Dj Starr remix)

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THe sun rises on a new set... [16 Nov 2003|10:45am]
[ mood | content ]

Past couple of weeks I've been out and about. I have a very good job. An office type one, fast paced ya know. I've been going to many gigs and how i missed them. Good news and bad...I fell in love...hahaha. Well it is just an old spark re lit. I'm not gonna call it love because I gave up on that. Hopefully it'l turn out to be a good relationship if it happens. Been drunk and pretty um...not stoned...yea thats it. Goods times...Days of war Nights of love...I'm sorry. I got a new pc but it is being a bitch with my old shat in it. Need new shat. late paying phone bill and still not paid. Still haven't cashed paycheck argh. I feel like life is so new.

...I'm waiting for blood to flow to my fingers, I'll be alright when my hands get warm. Ignoring the phone, I'd rather say nothing. I'd rather you never heard my voice...

Dashboard Rocks

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Return of a king and the beginning of an empire [01 Nov 2003|04:04am]
[ mood | awake ]

As the plane approached its final destination a strong excitement grew within me. I can best describe it as pure happiness. I'm so glad to be home. True it is gonna be hard in the near future but in the long run it will be well worth it. First off I would like to take about a week to kick wit all da homies. Tonight I went down the street to natalie's house and met up with good ole juan and jovani. I saw a lot of ppl that I'm pretty cool. I must say I was quite the highlight of the event...heehee. I did some skanking to some damn good music and with damn good ppl. I took some of those pills from the past and of course am still on em cause they last all night. Neways. I told a lot of..."sea stories". Hopefully I made ppl hate the navy as much as I do. Meh. I've got quite a bit of stories to tell...good and bad. Neways yeah. Uhhh call me and we'll do stuff. I'm a bit out of it to put a really good entry but soon...

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don't ask [20 Oct 2003|06:37pm]
so events happenned...
i'm coming home...
for good...
i hope i still have friends...
my phone is dead so don't call yet...
i'll be home in about maybe ten days...

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Quickly [03 Oct 2003|06:33pm]
I'm still trying to put my life together. Fuck it> Was gonna delete this but meh. I'll try again later to update. Note I'm not gone from your lives. Got me a girl. Life still sucks. call me....please. fuck you

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